18 jun. 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 8

Now that the veteran dwarf thunderer is finished is time to move on to the standard bearer :)

16 jun. 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 7

Some work put into the dwarf lord with gun, he will lead the unit as its thunderer veteran.

21 mar. 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 3

Here some Step by Step of this little dwarf Thunderer. Soon more to come.

Best regards


11 feb. 2017

Dwarf thunderers WIP 1

Retaking the quest to complete the old school unit of dwarf thunderers that I started some years ago, here you can see some of the progress made:

24 ene. 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 5

Looking forward to keeping painting, shame that I don't have as much time as I would like!!


19 ene. 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 4

Not a big progress really but the important part is getting back to the habbit of painting on a regular basis.

Soon more,


8 ene. 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 2

Some more progress, slowly getting again to the habit of painting and enjoying it...at the end is what this is all about.

Going this time for a vibrant color scheme.

As well my compressor broke so everything has been done with the brush. 


4 ene. 2017

Vampire lord blood knights WIP 1

Goodbye 2016 , hello 2017. Not the best year if we speak about miniature painting, lots of changes going on in my personal life, so I guess that going through a rough patch doesn't make anything easier.

I will try to keep the blog updated and start preparing some articles to help everyone that reads the blog.

Still in its early stages, long run to go.